Short and sweet…

I have probably prayed more in the last week than I have in a month. Today God decided to open that window in Heaven just a crack and let some blessings pour in. Glory be to God.

Something so simple…

I haven’t written in awhile and mostly it’s because a lot of things in my personal life have just imploded around me, but it’s so funny how something so simple can just turn everything around. 

Today (well yesterday since I’m writing this at 1 in the morning) was probably one of the best days I’ve had in recent memory. Me and the kids spent 4th of July with my mom and siblings and it was just awesome. On a fluke we were able to get so close to the fireworks that for a moment it felt like they were going to rain down on us, and for awhile I just felt cleansed. I felt like God was watching and telling me that everything was going to be okay. Did any of this fix the problems I’m going through? No. But my hope has returned and in a way, that fixes everything. 

My mom always tells me that if Satan can steal your hope, he’s got you right where he wants you. Today my hope has been restored. Satan will not get the victory today. 

How weird that something as simple as fireworks have given me a brand new outlook on life. 

Almost there…

The last couple of days I have been reading out loud to my husband from his Class B drivers license handbook, he hates to read for whatever reason and he says the easiest way for him to learn is to hear the information. Well I guess whatever I can do to help him get his commercial license, that’s what I will do. He took his practice test online last night and got 100% so at least it’s working lol. On Thursday he will be taking his test sooooooo fingers crossed!

Taking over…

We now have so many passengers riding with Wynchester Hope Shuttles that the vans are all but obsolete, the mini-bus is now going 5 days a week, which is wonderful! Too bad my husband doesn’t have his class B license yet lol, actually my dad is the only person who has one so he’s been working ALOT.

I can only imagine my mom has been stressing out trying to figure out scheduling, (she’s changed the schedule at least 4 times in the last 24 hours) but it’s exciting that we are in so much demand and so we just roll with the punches and keep it moving. I’m so proud of you mama! 

Happy Anniversary to ME!!!!!

On Sunday I will be celebrating my 2 year anniversary with the man that I am overjoyed to be able to call my husband, and tomorrow we’re going to celebrate by going out to San Francisco and living out our own personal romantic movie, walking down the pier holding hands, walking barefoot on the beach, feeding each other seafood…my goal is to make every single person in S.F. overdose on the sugery sweetness that will be us lol.

I have to give credit to my mother for us even reaching this day, she has shown me through her own marriage what I need to do to keep mine strong, and I say a little prayer for her every night. 

Thank-you mama, I’m so grateful that I’m able to go to you for advice. Love you.

Stressed out…

Today has not been a good day and I am so happy that it is finally over. Something has been wrong with my legs for the past two days, it feels like the muscles and tendons in my legs and thighs are too short or something so I’ve been cycling back and forth between extreme discomfort and pure pain all day long, it used to happen when I was a kid too, my mom and dad called it growing pains and said I just needed to drink more water, but I’ve been drinking water like a maniac for like a week so that can’t be it (I’m out of Pepsi lol) so really I don’t know what’s wrong.

My kids seem to have gotten together and decided to see how much noise will it take to make mommy lose her marbles…Kelley has been singing and making random noises all day long and Sonny decided that today would be the day that nothing made him happy and he had to be in my freaking pocket all day, Grrrr.

So I’ve decided to come up with a new way to deal with my stress..anytime I feel like I’m about to blow my lid, I think of adding 4 more kids and a business to run to the mix and I just bask in the awe that I have for my mother for a few minutes, then I feel better.

Whoo, just thinking about it made me tired! Don’t know how you do it mama!

On the lookout…

For another mini-bus! Woot! Woot! The other day we had so many people riding back with us that we had no choice but to drive the mini-bus, which is awesome! although pretty expensive…I think my mom said it cost almost $180 to fill the bus up, just thinking about that makes me feel a little nauseous lol, but with gas going up everyday and people less willing to spend every penny of their check on gas…well it’s been mighty good for business. Yay! 

Not Sleeptrain…

The funniest thing to me about my mom starting Wynchester Hope Shuttles is that I get to see first hand how miserable and unhappy people can actually make themselves.

Our job at Wynchester Hope is to get our customers from point A in Sacramento, to point B in the Bay Area, on time. That’s it. If you’re able to get some sleep during the ride, bonus! There are multiple stops we have to make on the way because sometimes there are other people to pick up. I guess some of the riders have decided that they are more important than anyone else and since they don’t like waking up when the van stops, they have taken it upon themselves to tell the drivers not to stop. Are you serious???? AND catch an attitude when the driver stops anyways, because you know, that is part of the job, stopping at the places my mother, the OWNER tells them to stop. I just can’t wrap my brain around it. People are stupid.

So upset!

It’s been over a month since I went to the dentist to get my wisdom teeth pulled, they told me about a few of the things that could go wrong since one of them was severely impacted, numbness, pain, broken jaw, ect, but since a tooth extraction is such a routine procedure I never gave a second thought to something actually going wrong…*sigh* I haven’t been able to open my mouth more than 1/2 an inch ever since…apparently one of my teeth was so impacted that when the dentist pulled it out it damaged one of the nerves connected to my jaw.

This sucks so hard! I miss sandwiches, burritos, pizza, eating apples without having to slice them….yeah I know I’m doing a pity party thing right now but I don’t care lol, I’m sad. That is all. 

Shuttle time!

Today my mama spent a huge chunk of time at the DMV waiting to take her written test for her class B license…aaaannnd she passed! Woot! Woot! and that is DEFINITELY a good thing since today we had so many people to pick up that we couldn’t take the van, my dad had to drive the mini-bus! What a blessing! 

Now my husband needs to get on the ball and get his class B out of the way so we can put the vans to bed and use the mini-bus as our primary vehicle…I see so many big things for Wynchester Hope! Today is only the beginning!